Thursday, 14 September 2017

Banishing the end of summer blues

The summer expeditions might be over, but the club is still as busy as ever. We have evening trips starting back up, new Provisional Members who started caving at the June beginners' weekend coming back to SWCC to expand their caving skills, cave photography trips, visits to theme parks and plenty of socialising, including a curry at a local Indian restaurant. Time to join us and get involved!

An evening round-trip in OFD2 via Timo's Table
Steve and Paul at Top Entrance

This was closely followed by a first trip in to Cwm Dwr for new SWCC Provisional Members Lucy and Matthew. They found the trip challenging, but enjoyable. It was their first experience of a long crawl and a boulder choke. It is great to see our newer cavers returning for more trips. 

Steve, Lucy and Matthew ready to go

Lucy about to tackle the Cwm Dwr entrance

About to take on the notorious Cwm Dwr crawl

Matthew on his way out. Looks like he enjoyed the trip!

Muddied but happy

Barbara also had her first trip to the mini-columns this month and took her camera with her. She was highly impressed by the formations and took this great shot:
The Mini Columns  (Photo: Barbara Lane)
There have also been some fun socialising events as well, including a trip to Oakwood Theme Park on a gloriously sunny day. 
And a curry attended by around 10 local members. Perfect for new cavers to meet some more established members of the club and chat about potential trips.

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  1. Very good blog as always Claire...... Lots of happy cavers there. Excellent. Loooooooooove the picture of the mini coloums