Wednesday, 24 August 2016

2016 Tresviso Expedition

Three SWCC members (Gareth Davies, Martin Grove and Duncan Hornby) joined the Tresviso 2016 expedition run by the Bradford Pothole Club member Phil Walker (an ex SWCC). In total 21 people joined the expedition, a record turn out. Over the years Phil has collected old reports, maps and data for the Tresviso and Andara region. This extensive database can be found on the Tresviso Caves Website. Survex data has been uploaded to the BCA cave registry data archive.

This year the expedition kept a blog with expedition members writing up their experiences. If you fancy finding out more details of what was discovered\explored then please visit the blog here.

Below are the KML outlines of the Agua and Marniosa systems shown in Google Earth. It is believed the sump at the downstream end of Marniosa connects with Agua.

The two known major systems in the area, Agua on the left and Marniosa on the right. This birds eye view of the area belies the effort required to simply get to the Agua entrance!


There were many trips into Agua, often pushing the extreme limits, but all trips start with crossing the resurgence pool at the entrance.

Derek Cousin crossing the lake at the entrance of Agua. Photo by Russell Brooks.
The main route into the furthest parts of Agua requires everyone to climb the 75m Ramp. A key object for one team was to replace this ageing and very muddy rope with newer rope donated by BPC.

Russell Brooks at the top of the 75m ramp in Agua.
In search of caves

This year included a lot of work in the high mountains, re-establish old entrances from past and often erroneous coordinates.

The higher mountains are an unforgiving treeless environment with no escape from the sun other than the bitter cold caves and mines located here.

The long hot walk to the high mountains.
Looking back into the valley, this was the area where Pozo Del Castillo was relocated and explored.
Several trips in the Sierra del a Corta were undertaken to locate possible entrances that could provide a shortcut into the back end of the known Agua system.

Spectacular views from the Sierra del a Corta region.

Marniosa was re-rigged with the expectation of diving the sump and during these rigging trips many photos were taken to show off the many magnificent formations.

A chamber stuffed full of stals which one must pass through to get to the river.
Duncan in Morning chamber in Marniosa. Photo by Russell Brooks.
Nic Brooks in Marniosa. Photo by Russell Brooks.

Staying in Tresviso itself we took over the whole of the bunk house. The locals did not seem to be too concerned with us airing our dirty laundry!

21 people's worth of caving stuff made for a curious tourist attraction!
A typical night in the bar involves plenty of beer and gin!

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