Sunday, 4 October 2015

Box and Beers

Trip Date: October 3rd - 4th 2015

Team: SWCC: Duncan Hornby, Christiane Michel & Michael Perryman
           Guests: Roger and Neil
A mate of mine (Neil) who I've taken caving a few times over the years asked about revisiting Box Mine, a trip we had done many years ago. Claire did her magic and put me in contact with Michael who kindly offered to lead a trip.

Staying at the Shepton Mallet Caving Club, Neil and I were able to take advantage of it's proximity to the Hunters Lodge on the Friday which as always was very busy. On the Saturday we drove to a lay-by near the Quarrymans Arms and met up with Michael and his friend Roger. Christiane was driving down from Yorkshire that day and eventually joined. We kitted up and headed for the Jack's Workings entrance, a short walk within a shaded woodland.

The team at Jack's Workings Entrance
Michael expertly lead the the trip, providing interesting historical facts and every now and then looking vaguely worried about which direction to head. This is understandable as Box mine looks exactly the same regardless of which direction you are looking at or come from! 

Rodger standing next to one of the many examples of historic graffiti
We wormed our way through the Mine with occasional scrambles over deads and under worryingly looking wooden supported ceilings. Michael was able to navigate from a route that he had previously explored and link to the impressive Cathedral Chamber

The team admiring the splendid Cathedral chamber with all it's litter and "colourful" graffiti. Apparently George (who ever he is) has an interesting hobby...
We left the mine via the Back Door entrance. We did our bit for the community by filling a bin liner's worth of litter found at the entrance. After changing back into clean clothes we headed to the Quarrymans Arms for a celebratory pint. 

Christiane, Neil and I headed back to the Shepton caving hut then straight to the Hunters for a meal and a few pints. The Hunters was strangely very quiet. 

This seemed to be a response to the BEC having their AGM meal. I had heard on the grapevine that it was going to kick off back at the Belfry around 1am. I joined the Kent University Club, who were staying at the Shepton hut and headed over. In true BEC style the party was in full swing, rammed solid with people, loud music, lasers and kegs of beer!

The next day the three of us walked to Wookey Hole via the Ebbor Gorge. This offered spectacular views south towards Glastonbury.

Views south with Glastonbury Tor on the horizon

Mine trip: 3 hours
Walk: 3.5 hours (included lunch stop and Ice cream at Wookey Hole!)

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