Friday, 30 October 2015

OFD1 Evening 20.10.15

SWCC: Stewart Avey, Paul Tarrant and Claire Vivian

This was a quick evening trip to provide Stewart with his first visit to OFD1. We met at 6.30pm at SWCC to collect a key and then swiftly headed down to the lay-by at the bottom of the hill to get changed. We were underground just after 7pm, so this gave us plenty of time to introduce him to OFD1.

The streamway was the lowest I have ever seen it - it was around 2 inches below the Step - so we showed Stewart how to gauge whether the water was of a suitable level to continue upstream. Yet, we did not go in to the river today as we had agreed at the outset that the main purpose of today's trip, would be to see how far we could get along the Escape Route, and get comfortable with crawls and use of cowstails in a cave. We met all our aims on the trip. Stewart tried some crawls and did not find them as bad as he had feared and he thoroughly enjoyed Bolt Traverse. Paul stopped to take some photos in Bridge Passage and we headed on through the RAWL series, turning around to head back roughly by the entrance to the Subway. Mission accomplished. Trip time: 2.5hrs.

Stewart viewing some nice flowstone on the Escape Route
Stewart and Claire in Bridge Passage. Photo: Paul Tarrant.

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