Thursday, 23 November 2017

Aurora chasers

Team: Lucy Archer, Malcolm Craik, Lel Davies, Barbara Lane, Harvey Lomas, Iain Miller, Allan Richardson, Claire Vivian

While chatting in the Long Common Room, and on Facebook, it emerged that a group of us had always fancied seeing the Northern Lights. So we decided to do something about it. Chivied on by Barbara, we chose an Air B&B for us all to stay in and arranged flights. Now all that remined was for the Northern Lights to perform for us. Fortunately, this happened. We were in Tromso for 4 nights and saw the Aurora on 3 of those. We were also highly fortunate with the rest of the weather and the sun shone on us for the duration. Tromso and the surrounding area was incredibly beautiful. We will most defintely go back, and as well as a return to Tromso, the idea of a summer walking trip has also been mentioned, as well as a winter visit to Lapland. Watch this space, and contact one of us, if you are interested.

Northern Lights dance above Grotfjord

We also visited the remains of the Tirpitz. Ironically, we arrived on the exact date it got bombed (12 Nov), 73 years on (Photo: Barbara Lane)

Tromso (Photo: Barbara Lane)

Malcolm and Lucy photographing on a mirror-like lake (Photo: Barbara Lane)

Lucy enjoying the view

Great reflections in a stunningly beautiful place! (Photo: Lucy Archer)

Northern Lights above Tromso

Lucy with the Northern Lights

Barbara, Lucy and Claire wrapped up

Visiting the polar history museum

Allan enjoying a boat trip through the fjords (and not in shorts for once!)

The team

Beautiful scenery