Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Ogof Marros update

Just a mini update to say the second choke is still going and has got decidedly muddier!

With the help of several new members to the digging team we have been pushing the second choke in three locations during many visits over the last year.  We have also found a couple of profusely decorated chambers in other parts of the cave, as light relief!

Unusual twisted formation in an area known as the China shop.

Over the Easter weekend three of the digging team had a crack at "dig 3" within choke 2. 

All very exciting stuff poking boulders in the ceiling of a confined chamber with a metal rod and then retreating at a speed that even a comic super-hero would be impressed with! 

Phil, Duncan and Antonia relieved to be back on the surface after a nerve shattering session within Ogof Marros.


  1. Keep up the good work. Fair play.

  2. Very nice formations. Any more pictures of the 'China shop' please?