Wednesday, 17 February 2016

OFD evening, 16.2.16

Team: Lisa Boore, Chloe Francis, Steve Hepple, Paul Tarrant, Dan Thorne, Claire Vivian

All the perfect ingredients for a fun evening trip tonight: good company, mild peril and cake. We headed via the walking route to the Mini Columns to start with and then completed the circuit by heading down the climb (long legs useful here!). Next it was a wander over to Speedy Caver and some exploration around the Bedding Chambers. We tiptoed around some deep holes heading in to Gnome Passage and traversed over the top of Andy and Antonia's newly rigged pitch there before taking some circuitous routes to Shale Chamber. To end the trip we had some fun looking around the Train series, where everyone enjoyed the entrance squeeze... Total trip time was around 2.5 hours and all the time we were exploring areas probably only 10 minutes from the entrance. The evening was topped off by a banana loaf made by Chloe. Excellent!

L: The team down climbing by the mini Columns; R: Dan on Speedy Caver.
Lisa climbing up Speedy Caver

Some pretties along the way.
Chloe, Paul, Steve, Dan and Lisa
Cake for all (except Steve) to end tonight's trip

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