Saturday, 27 February 2016

Evening trip 23.2.16

Team: Kim Allkins, Vince Allkins, Lisa Boore, Phil Cullen, Paul Tarrant, Claire Vivian

This was Phil's second visit to OFD, but first visit to Top Entrance. Phil had worked in the coal mining industry for around 20 years and had contacted the club explaining how keen he was to visit OFD. Ever happy to oblige at SWCC, Vince and Kim showed Phil around OFD1 earlier this month and this was his second visit to sample some of OFD2. We showed him Big Chamber, Arete Chamber, Wedding Cake, Corkscrew, Salubrious, Trident and Judge and Swamp Creek. Phil found some aspects of the trip challenging, but still enjoyed it and thanked SWCC for enabling him to see sights he would not otherwise have seen. He even took his camera to help record the trip and has shared some photos with us below. Thanks Phil!

We all surfaced to a clear, chilly night. Meeting (and making) friends and practicing routefinding skills underground is far better than sitting at home in front of the TV or computer screen, so come and join us one evening. Contact:

Trip time: 2.5hrs

Formation near the Wedding Cake (Photo: Phil Cullen)

Lisa, Paul, Vince and Kim near the Wedding Cake

Vince, Paul and Kim in Swamp Creek (Photo: Phil Cullen)

Phil near Big Chamber

Lisa and Paul near the Wedding Cake (Photo: Phil Cullen)

Phil admires the Wedding Cake

Lisa in Salubrious

Lisa traversing in Salubrious

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