Saturday, 17 August 2019

Climb, paddle and walk!


Andy Freem, Antonia Freem, Bill Buxton, Duncan Hornby, Sanita Lustika, Simon Prothero, Jane Sarginson, Claire Vivian, Alan Walsh.


17th -18th August 2019

This club trip was all about not caving! Fridays journey to Pembrokeshire was a pretty miserable all day drive in poor weather only to clear in the late afternoon revealing blue, if not windy, skies. We were camping at the Celtic Campsite Site.


Bill walked to Abereiddy beach and back whilst Sanita walked to St. Davids along the coastal path to meet up in the pub for dinner. The rest of us went down to the coast and spent the day climbing at the Amphitheatre, a set of cliff climbs a short walk from the campsite.

Duncan climbing - OK I did cheat and used the blue rope as a hand hold!
Andy belaying from top.
Alan about to begin his abseil.
Alan climbing.
Jane climbing, Antonia/Simon at base of climb.
Antonia at the base of the climb.
Claire on the first slab.
Simon tackling the escape route.

Alan abseiling.

Jane about to abseil down the second climb.
Frog saved by Simon
Beautiful day for a long walk - Sanita.
Sanita walked from Celtic Camping near Abereiddy to St David’s. As you can see, the weather was perfect - Sanita.
The team enjoying a meal out in St David's. 


On the Sunday the team went to Abercastle which was a few miles up the coast from the campsite and kayaked in the bay. The choice to go to Abercastle was driven partly by a late start and that the winds appeared to have died down a little and Andy was more optimistic about kayaking at sea.

As there were too many for the number of boats Duncan and Claire walked along the cliff top spying on the others antics and enjoyed the spectacular coast scenery.

A small bay provides shelter from the wind
Alan and Jane stand up as the team rafts together.
Looking back at Abercastle beach
Paddling near the entrance of the bay
Jane and Andy venture further than the rest into more unsettled seas.
Cliff top view of the Pembrokeshire coastline.

A special thanks goes out to Andy and Antonia for providing the kayaks and their expertise in climbing, the weekend would not have been the same without them!

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