Saturday, 11 May 2019

Polar bears and ice caves

11-15 May 2019
Team: Malcolm Craik, Barbara Lane, Allan Richardson, Margaret Richardson, Jane Sarginson, Claire Vivian

Wow!! If you ever get the change to visit Svalbard you must go. Six of us spent 5 days in the frozen North and it was one of the best things I've ever done. We saw seals and polar bears and experienced 24 hour daylight (which I loved!). We also had a chance to ride around on snow mobiles, have a boat trip, visit  a coal mine and go and explore an ice cave. Wildlife and going underground. The perfect combination for a holiday.

Polar bear photos by Malcolm and Barbara.

Midnight in Longyearbyen.

About to visit a coal mine.

Entering the igloo above the ice cave.

Allan in one of the passages in the cave. 

Snowmobile riding.

Claire, Barbara, Margaret, Malcolm, Allan and Jane ready to go snowmobiling.

Boat trip to Pyramiden


Mother and cub walking near the edge of the ice.

Time for a swim

Play time!

Polar bear cub

Mother with a radio collar

Yes, polar bears have black tongues. 

Arctic Fox
Bearded Seal
Allan wears shorts, as usual. Even the locals were taking photos!

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