Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Ogof Craig A Ffynnon filming

Team: Antonia Freem, Duncan Hornby, Ollie Jone, Sally Richards, Alan Walsh & Tarquin Wilton-Jones

Trip date: 24/2/18

“Team Freem” had been wanting to film the furthest parts of Ogof Craig A Ffynnon for some time and last weekend had been a trip in the planning for several months. Unfortunately Andy had to drop out last minute so Antonia stepped up to the challenge of filming for two! No pressure then…

What made this trip extra special was that it was to be supported by new club members, Alan, Ollie and Sally, whilst veteran caver Tarquin provided route finding and what turned out to be rather excellent set of photos. I've pinched a few of his for this blog!

The usual suspects… Sally, Alan, Antonia, Tarquin, Ollie and Duncan. The glorious sunshine belies the freezing temperatures, so was glad to get into the cave.

We filmed our way going into the system stopping at key locations to capture the experience of caving and many of the splendid formations.

Photo by Tarquin.

After the second boulder choke we were overtaken by another group (Gwent CC) who were moving at a much faster pace.

Photo by Tarquin. Filming the gour pools.
Whilst filming at the Hall of the mountain king the Gwent club passed us again on their way out, providing an opportunity for some excellent lighting.

Photo by Tarquin. The Hall of the Mountain King as you have never seen it!

At this point only Tarquin and Antonia had been beyond the impressive Hall of the mountain king chamber so for the rest of us it was new territory. An initial tight squeeze leads to an awkward crawl then into hands a knees crawl for approximately 250m.

Photo by Tarquin. Alan passing through the Hurricane Highway Squeeze, a tight calcited bedding.
The cave then expands into some very impressively sized passages.

Photo by Tarquin, what is remarkable about this photo was that it was taken on his phone!
Antonia filmed key locations. Beyond this is a bit of blur to me but we finally made it to some huge passage ending in the fifth choke. Both Antonia and Tarquin excitedly film and photoed this impressive section.

Photo by Tarquin.
This is also the point where one can visit helectite passage (which must be only visited by two at any one time due to the highly delicate nature of the formations).

Whilst Antonia and Ollie were filming Tarquin offered to show the nearby Pagoda formation.

With everything filmed the crew turned round and headed out.

We eventually exited the cave just after 7pm into the brutal cold night. Needless to say no one was keen to hang around!

Tarquin has written his own blog which has a comprehensive set of photos, so well worth a visit.

Trip time: 8 hours

Click on the link below to see the film created by Andy and Antonia Freem.

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  1. Stunning trip and a excellent blog with amazing formations. Brilliant trip