Friday, 7 July 2017

Local Update

Once again, plenty has been going on at and around SWCC. We recently had new provisional member, Lucy, spend a week in South Wales for some caving and walking fun. She met many new cavers, saw places she had not visited before in OFD, visited the Neath Valley waterfalls, Big Pit and Oakwood as well as trying out a local indoor climbing wall.
Paul, Lel, Iain, Barbara, Lucy and Glenys enjoying the food (and the view) at the Grape and Olive in Swansea.

Paul and Lucy ready to go in Top Entrance

Lucy near Speedy Caver

Shimmying along near Timo's Table

First bit of rope work underground (the climb above the Corkscrew).

Paul, Claire and Lucy following a successful trip
On the wall

At Scwd Gwladus (Photo: Paul Tarrant)
Four of us also had an evening trip to the Swamp Creek pitch this week (4.7.17). This had been ably rigged by Bob and Paul earlier in the day. It was the second time that I had visited the pitch, the first time being around 7 years ago when I had been unable to pass the rebelay a few feet down the pitch. But this time, I managed it. Thanks to Bob and Paul for the rigging, and Dan for the de-rigging. 
Lisa in the lead up to the pitch
Paul on the traverse

Dan at the bottom of the pitch

The team on the way out.

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