Monday, 29 May 2017

Little Neath River Cave

Team: Jen Baxter, Lisa Boore, Nigel Jones, Paul Tarrant, Dan Thorne, Claire Vivian

A spell of hot, dry weather made us think about doing a trip that would cool us down. Little Neath fitted the bill. It was Nigel's first visit to the cave and he was impressed by the formations and justifiably pleased to get in through a rather intimidating entrance series.
L-R: Lisa, Paul, Nigel, Jen and Dan. Yes, that is the entrance to the left of Jen's hand.
 I was impressed at not having to fight an army of spiders to get in through the entrance. Lisa then showed me a way above the squeeze that meant you could stay mainly dry (the boys - who were neck deep in the water at this point - couldn't fit. Sorry boys!)
Dan about to go through the tight section.
After this we stomped around the main river passage, spent some time taking photographs of formations and then completed the round trip. Nigel definitely overcame his fears admirably here and a great trip was had be all. Topped off by a quick pint in The Old White Horse Inn at Pontneddfechan, meant it was a great sociable evening. But most of all, well done Nigel!
Nigel passing though the squeeze neck deep in the water.

Nigel viewing some great formations
Claire, Jen and Lisa admire a formation. (Photo: Paul Tarrant)

Jen, Claire and Dan near the sump (Photo: Paul Tarrant)


  1. Oh, wow, this looks daunting! How appropriate is it for a second-time caver? Any chance we could do that cave next time I'm up at the club?

    1. Hi Alex, we would tend to wait until you have a couple of trips under your belt for this one as the entrance series can be pretty intimidating. The cave is also extremely weather dependent and most people tend to wear a wetsuit to go in.

    2. OK, looks like I'll have to be patient. Thanks for answering! :)