Thursday, 26 January 2017

Evening Wanderings

Cwm Dwr - Big Shacks

Lisa Boore, Andy Lewington, Paul Tarrant, Dan Thorne, Claire Vivian

This was a first visit to Cwm Dwr for Lisa and Dan, so we took our time and explored the vast majority of side passages on the way to the Choke and Big Shacks. We found some interesting short round trips, saw some digs, took a few photos and visited Dripping Aven before heading through the choke. Only made one slight mistake on the way through this and then we were straight in to Big Shacks. A quick look around here and it was time to turn around and head out. There was just enough time to spare at the end for a quick pint in the Ancient Brit on the way home.

Trip time: 2.5 hrs

The team before the crawl (Paul Tarrant)
Dan, Lisa and Andy in Cwm Dwr Jama (Paul Tarrant)

Dan admires some flowstone (Photo: Paul Tarrant)

Paul in the crawl

The smallest section of the crawl

Dan enjoying the crawl

The ending of a good evening trip.

The Columns to assist with bolting and rigging of pitch

Vince Allkins, Lisa Boore, Richard Hill, Paul Tarrant, Dan Thorne, Claire Vivian

This was a trip to the pitch and assist carrying in kit and pitch rigging with a little photography on the side. We had a fairly early start at around 7pm and headed for the upper Columns gate. The pitch, around 10m, was soon completed and we had a good look around Column Hall and then headed back to the surface. Thanks Vince!

Trip time: 2 hrs

Lisa on the pitch (Photo: Paul Tarrant)

Claire on the pitch  (Paul Tarrant)

Claire and Lisa watch Dan descend (Paul Tarrant)

Lisa at the Columns (Photo: Paul Tarrant)

Vince with the rigging gear (Paul Tarrant)


  1. Must try that route into the columns one day, would make for an exciting alternative on Open days. Thanks for bolting it Vince!