Monday, 9 November 2015

Cave Leading

On Saturday 7th November, we went down to the long common room of the South Wales Caving Club to meet the provisionals for the weekend. We went round in turn saying who we are, how long we've been caving and where we are from. All of the members who had much experience in caving, led a trip into different parts of Ogof Fynnon Ddu. With the help of two other experienced cavers, I led a trip down to two formations called the Trident and the Judge. On our way back we took a little detour to got to the mini columns and they are  spectacular. Normally we go down a crawl called the sandy crawl and go up a stream called Salubrious but someone didn't like the crawl so we went up and down Salubrious. About fifty metres away from the Judge there is a spectacular stream called Swamp Creek, all along it there is some awesome calcite curtains. Once we reached the Judge we decided to have a look at Swamp Creek. I think everyone finished the trip without any injuries. Everyone thought it was an extremely good experience and I hope that the others will carry on caving and agree with me with what I said just now. 

By James H age 11


  1. "I think everyone finished the trip without any injuries." Like your style!