Sunday, 26 November 2017

Provisionals' Weekend

24 people chose to come and try caving with SWCC this Bonfire Weekend. This wasn't quite a record for us - the highest number I remember during my time running these weekends has been 28 - but it was still incredibly high and excellent to see. The club was the busiest it has been in recent memory with all beds taken on the Friday night, plus people camping outside and sleeping in vans. This made for a highly sociable weekend and a bumper firework display as people were encouraged to bring one large firework with them. It was amazing!

Those totally new to caving had a great time and a large number of them have already chosen to continue caving with us! This is excellent news and we welcome them to the club. Here are some photos from the weekend.

Sian, Ed, Dave, Matt and Fred

Josh and Malcolm

Bob,Edd, Rich and Phil

Mark and Tenzin


  1. Well done to their efforts. Fantastic news Claire

  2. Wow, how many people went caving, must be some sort of record?